How Much Does a Fainting Goat Cost? Discover Their Price Tag

Searching for a fainting goat to call your own can sometimes feel like looking for a needle in a haystack. These intriguing creatures come with a price tag, but oh, the joy they bring is absolutely priceless!

You see, not every goat out there will flop over in a dramatic faint when surprised or frightened. But the Tennessee Fainting Goat, a crowd favorite among goat breeds in America, does exactly that, making them a constant source of amusement and adoration. They’re like the comedians of the pet world!

These goats are so much more than their fainting antics, though. They’re incredibly friendly, and their easy-going nature makes them the perfect companions. They have a way of charming their way into your heart, and before you know it, you’ve got a new best friend who’s thrilled to tag along wherever you roam.

A fainting goat comes from the Tennessee fainting (or stiff) breed of goat, which was first bred in the state during the 1930s. The goats were bred primarily as an amusement because of their tendency to stiffen and fall over when they are startled or excited.

However, the breed has spread throughout the country due to its hardiness. Though some fainting goats are still bred for novelty purposes, others are used for their high-quality meat, or for their valuable hides.

It is difficult to find price information on fainting goats because there are not many for sale on the market. Also, prices vary depending on the breeder and where they are located.

It’s possible to find a fainting goat for sale for $50 to $350, but the average price is about $100.

Young fainting goats can be purchased for $300-$500.

Pet fainting goats are priced between $50 and $100.

Fainting a goat without a pedigree costs between $200 and $400.

Which factors affect the price of fainting goats?

Which factors affect the price of fainting goats

As of 2014, the average price for a fainting goat is $200. This price depends on many situational factors. The five most important factors that influence the price of fainting goats are age, sex, weight, color, and location.


The age of a fainting goat can affect the price. Goats that are younger than the average age for the breed will be more expensive, and older goats will be significantly less expensive.


Male and female fainting goats are priced differently. Male goats are typically worth more than female goats.

This is due to the fact that male goats have a higher demand in fainting goat supply, thereby making them more valuable.


A fainting goat’s weight can affect the price. Goats that are heavier than average will be significantly cheaper, and lighter goats will cost more.

baby fainting goat


This factor is so important that fainting goats are sometimes classified according to color, rather than by breed.

Goats can be found in many different colors, some of which are rarer than others. For example, White, Gun Metal Gray, and Charcoal are rarer than the standard Black color.


The price of fainting goats is typically higher in metropolitan areas than in rural areas. This occurs because of the increased demand for fainting goats in cities (specifically by pet owners).

Price comparison of a fainting goat:

  • Male White Goat: $250 to $300
  • Female Black Goat: $150 to $175
  • Male Gun Metal Gray Goat: $400 to $450
  • Male Charcoal Goat: $500

How much does it cost to raise a fainting goat?

It costs about $20 to preorder a baby goat, plus an additional couple hundred for feed.  This cost does not include the building of a proper fainting goat pen.

A fainting goat will typically need between $10 to $30 a month in feed. For the first year, it will cost about $40 to raise a fainting goat. The second-year it will cost about $120.

After the second year, a fainting goat will typically produce one kid per pregnancy.  With two kids per year, the cost per year drops to $60.  This is an extremely low estimate, as fainting goats can live up to thirty years.

Necessary costs relating to raising a fainting goat

cute goat

Raising fainting goats is easy and fun, but it comes with its own share of unavoidable expenses. It consists of only a few things, but these things are required to be purchased.

Initial or one-time cost

The initial or one-time cost of a fainting goat is going to be about $50.00 each for a baby. The price can vary on the breeder and the area of the country. There are many good breeders out there and on Craigslist, but remember to make sure you check references from people who have purchased from them before, so you do not get stuck with a bad breeder.

Feeding Cost

Feeding a fainting goat is going to cost about $1.25 a day, per goat if you buy the recommended feed from Tractor Supply Company. If you do not choose to buy from TSC, then I would recommend looking for a better deal on the feed. There are many other ways to save money on feed, but these methods are not associated with this particular fainting goat farm.

Medical cost

This is not too common, but if something does happen to your fainting goat, make sure you have the money in the reserve to take them to the vet because it will be expensive. I am not saying you need to take out an insurance policy on your goats, but just have a little extra money in the budget for this type of emergency.

Where can I buy fainting goats in the USA?


Whether you’re looking to buy a fainting goat for meat, milk, or just as a pet, you should consider what breeds and where you can buy them.

Fainting goats are sometimes hard to find and it is beneficial to know the places you can look up before you go looking to buy a goat. You should first consider if there are any fainting goats in your state.

Goats are available in most states around the United States of America, but some breeds are more common than others. The American Fainting Goat, for example, is more common in the southeast of the United States.

There are other breeds though that are more popular outside of Fainting Goats that you might be able to find at a farm or pet store in your area. Besides checking around locally, it might also be beneficial to see if you can find a breeder online.

There are several websites that allow fainting goats for sale or breeders to advertise their animals. Sites like Craigslist are also a great place to find goats for sale locally.


Fainting Goat Cost

Do Fainting goats make good pets?

A fainting goat is one of several breeds of domestic goats that are prone to collapsing (fainting) when they become excited or panicked. The breed is known as the Tennessee fainting goat, and it derives its name from an innate tendency to suddenly “faint,” or fall over when startled. This goat breed is one of several that are quite popular among children and families as pets.

Is raising a fainting goat profitable?

When you compare the amount of work to the end result, raising fainting goats is not worth it. There are other animals that produce much more for less cost.

A fainting goat does not really cost much; the price is negligible. The biggest problem with this animal is that it is not productive. It cannot be milked or used for any other purpose, really. So one must ask themselves whether the “cuteness” factor is really worth the price of having it.

Is it easy to raise a fainting goat?

Fainting goats are less naughty than other goats and are poor at jumping, climbing, and escaping. These characteristics, combined with their desire to make friends, make them an ideal family pet. So, yes, they are extremely simple to raise.

Fainting goats are adorable, enjoyable creatures who enjoy company. They enjoy having fun and are outgoing. They’re less likely to run away than most breeds, and you don’t need any prior experience to own one.

One might not necessarily make money off of this animal, but they will find that the cute factor is well worth the price of having one.


It is hard to put a price on such an adorable animal. The price of a fainting goat is unclear because it depends on the age and breed. A good place to start would be looking at auctions or classifieds in your area for any available goats with photos, descriptions, and prices.

We hope this article has been helpful and insightful, but if you have any additional questions about the cost of fainting goats or other farm animals please let us know!