What is High Oleic Sunflower Oil

High oleic Sunflower oil is a plant oil that is made from specially bred sunflower seeds. They are high in monosaturated fatty acid and low in polyunsaturated fatty acid. The content is a minimum of 80% oleic acid. Traditional sunflower oil has around 20% oleic acid. This makes the oil a good choice for people monitoring their heart health.

Oleic acid has fewer double bonds in its chemical chain than linoleic acid. The high oleic oil is less likely to oxidize, meaning that it keeps better than sunflower oil. This makes it a much more stable cooking oil and can be used for high heat and deep-frying. Foods prepared with this oil will consequently have a longer shelf life.


The sunflower or Hellianthus anuus is a cheerful yellow summer crop and is primarily used for oilseeds. In the right climate, average yields are high, often 2000 pounds per acre in a crop. In many places, the weather presents a challenge to the success of the sunflower crop that can be ruined if a lot of rain falls Once the crop is harvested the flowers are sent to the kernel processor, and in Australia, instant success has been achieved with a new variety SuperSun66 due to its size and quality.

Sunflower Seeds

The sunflower seed is the fruit of the sunflower. The most common seeds are high oleic, linoleic, and sunflower oil seeds. Each of the seeds is unique, and the high oleic sunflower oil is thought to provide heart health benefits, unlike the ordinary sunflower oil that releases toxic compounds when heated to a higher temperature. The oil is non-volatile pressed from sunflower seeds and is mainly used for frying and as a base for some cosmetics.

Methods of Extraction

Cold pressing is often used for extracting the seeds under low temperatures. This method does not require the use of chemical solvents.

What is high oleic acid sunflower oil? Since 2017 there has been greater consumer demand for sunflower oil production, and genome analysis, resulting in the development of hybrid sunflowers and increased production. Both Ukraine and Russia combined to produce 53% of the world's sunflower oil.

Composition of Oleic Sunflower Oil

Sunflower oil on the table

Sunflower oil consists mainly of triglyceride, and oleic acid has 30% containing monosaturated omega-9. Through plant breeding, sunflower oil with a high concentration of 82%oleic acid has been produced to meet consumer demand. So this high concentration of oleic acid sunflower oil is now being used by people with heart disease, as a healthier option in the kitchen.

High Oleic Sunflower Oil as a Supplement

To qualify as high a supplement must contain a minimum of 80% monosaturated acid. It works well in both cooking and baking due to flavor and health benefits. It can also be taken as a multivitamin or applied as a topical treatment to the skin. (It does not work on eczema).

Benefits of High Oleic Acid Sunflower Oil

  • Provides healthy triglycerides to the body.
  • Can improve good cholesterol levels, in turn preventing plaque from clogging the arteries.
  • Provides a high concentration of vitamin E, good for the skin
  • Vitamin A may help prevent macular degeneration.
  • Can be used in protein powders for fitness, important in building muscle and reducing fat.
  • Contraindications to taking High Oleic Acid Sunflower Oil

    Large amounts of oleic acid consumed may increase your chances of getting breast and prostate cancer, so stay within the recommended safe dose. Some people may develop an allergic reaction to sunflower oil.

    Recommended Dose of High Oleic Sunflower Oil

    It is recommended that 30% of your daily fat intake is consumed from healthy fats like High Oleic Sunflower Oil, to provide you with the daily allowance of monounsaturated fats. However, if you choose to cook with it this is safe, just don't fry everything.


    When you are asked, what is high oleic sunflower oil? It is in fact quite a recent product in its form as over 80% monosaturated fats, and you will probably want to cook with it. If we are going to eat chips, it is better that they are cooked with healthy fat as high oleic sunflower oil is safe at a deep fryer heat, so is better for your family who is probably looking forward to trying it.

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