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Spider Plant – The most popular, easy-to-grow desktop plant

Spider plant is a desktop plant that is both easy to grow and easy to care for, so it is loved by many people. This is a plant used to decorate homes, balconies, offices, etc. to create a new and inspiring living space.

Spider Plant – Traits

Spider plant also has other names such as orchids, orchids, angelica, and spider webs, its scientific name is Chlorophytum Michetti, in English orchids are often called by people. spider plant. The plant belongs to the plant family Asphodelaceae, which is a family of wild garlic originating from Africa, now in Vietnam this plant is grown a lot and is found everywhere.

Spider Plant is an evergreen, fast-growing tree, they often grow in small bushes, about 20-40 cm high. The orchid plant spreads very quickly with a radius of 60cm or more when grown in the ground, but spreads less when grown in pots.

Spider Plant – Meaning

Spider plants are considered to be plants that bring good luck and fortune to their owners. In addition, orchids also can exorcise evil, and bring good things to life.

The tree has a green color combined with a white border, so it is suitable for people who belong to the destiny of water. People destined to plant this tree will help bring success, luck, and fortune to the owner and it is also the best and most suitable for those born in the year of the smell.

Spider plants are easy to grow, easy to grow, and thrive in any environment. Therefore, the tree is also a representative of the will to persevere, be strong and never give up. When placing a potted orchid on the table, you set yourself a strong, determined goal and never falter, always moving forward no matter what difficulties.

How to plant and care Spider Plant

Spider Plant is an easy plant to grow and it can grow and develop well in all weather conditions. Spider Plant is often propagated by people separating the seedlings from the mother plant or cutting its branches and then cutting into the soil after a while the plant will take root in the new soil and grow into a big tree.

Especially Spider plant can live in the whole water environment. Growing Spider Plant in water is not too complicated. To grow an aquatic Spider Plant in water, we first separate the seedlings from the mother plant so that the roots are intact, then we wash the soil at the roots and then plug the plants into a glass filled with water until the roots are deep if the pot is deep, you can There be a stand for the plants not to be flooded, so you have a beautiful orchid plant grown in water to decorate your desk or living room.

Above is the information about Spider Plant that everyone needs to know to better understand the meaning, how to plant, and how to care for this ornamental plant. Wish everyone have the cutest Spider Plant pots.

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