Is Miracle Grow Safe for Vegetables?

Plant foods have become a very popular product for those who want their vegetable gardens to yield a good harvest. All of these products contain the essential nutrients needed by plants. There are many brands of plant foods available, one of which is Miracle Grow. Plants that receive supplements grow bigger and more beautiful and applying plant food is very simple. But the question remains… is Miracle Grow safe for vegetables?

Is Miracle Grow safe?

Yes, Miracle Grow is completely safe to use in vegetable gardens. It will provide your plants with several nutrients that they need to grow healthily. Vegetable plants must get enough micro and macronutrients for them to grow well and yield a good harvest. Many of these nutrients come from water, air, sunlight, and the soil. Unfortunately, the nutrients in the soil can get depleted over time. When this happens, you must look elsewhere to give your plants the nutrients they need.

The “big three” nutrients

Miracle Grow fertilizers consist of 3 main ingredients, which are phosphorus, potassium, and nitrogen. Each of these components will provide your vegetable plants with the macro-nutrients they need to grow. These three essentials come in a ratio called the “NPK ratio.” Some fertilizers have equal ratios while others have more nitrogen, potassium, or phosphorus. The ratio will depend on what your plants need.


This helps with the foliage of your plant. With nitrogen, your plant’s leaves will grow stronger, healthier, and taller. Foliage is very important in a plant’s life because the surface areas absorb energy from the sun. The healthier and bigger the leaves, the more energy they will capture for the plant will grow bigger. 


One of the main functions of phosphorus is to help with photosynthesis. It also helps in stem strength, root development, and the yield and quality of a crop when growing vegetables.


Potassium is essential for the root system as it helps irrigate and regulate the root system and water intake for the roots to grow stronger. The potassium levels also affect the vegetables plants bear. For instance, a plant with good potassium levels will yield vegetables with fewer abnormalities compared to vegetables that don’t have enough of this nutrient. All in all, if you want to choose a fertilizer that will nourish your plants, make sure that it contains potassium.

Other types of Miracle Grow products

Aside from the different fertilizer and plant food products, Miracle-Grow by the Scotts Company also offers a wide range of products designed to help plants and gardeners of all levels. They offer products that will help you grow and fertilize your vegetables while controlling weeds whether you have a simple garden or a professionally landscaped one. Through the years, there has been a variety of Miracle-Grow products that gardeners have applied to their gardens in the hopes of getting impressive results. Apart from fertilizers, other types of products from Miracle Grow include:

  • Soils

Miracle-Grow has a wide range of in-ground and in-container potting soils that you can choose from. Some soil products are specifically formulated for starting seeds while others contain coarser ingredients for plants that need faster drainage. Many vegetables and plants including trees, citrus, roses, and those used in landscaping would also benefit from Miracle-Grow potting mixes and soils.

  • Weed Control

Miracle-Grow offers several products that claim to stop weeds from growing for up to 3 months. Two of the most popular products in this category are Miracle-Gro Shake ‘n Feed All Purpose Plant Food Plus Weed Preventer and Miracle-Gro Garden Weed Preventer. Both products contain a list of the plants you can treat with them and those which you shouldn’t use them on.

  • Other products

Miracle Grow also has a line of products called Miracle-Gro Kits. These are terrarium and greenhouse kits. They even offer Grow-a-Plant kits for children so they can view their plant’s roots while growing through special see-through containers.


Miracle-Grow provides products that are very effective for growing plants and are also safe when growing vegetables for consumption. You can decide whether your plants will require some assistance from Miracle-Grow products or not depending on how they grow. You can depend on Miracle Grow fertilizers as they consist of different types of naturally occurring elements that plants need to thrive.

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