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How to grow a lemon tree in a pot to quickly produce fruit

Lemon is one of the fruit trees that are essential in daily life. In addition to using lemons, we also use lemon leaves to increase the deliciousness of dishes. But for those who love to grow lemons but do not have a garden area to plant, what to do? One secret revealed is, growing lemon trees in pots or styrofoam containers. So is it difficult to grow a lemon tree in a pot? How to take care of it? How to make the lemon tree good and fast to bear fruit? Find out with us!

General information about the lemon tree

The lemon tree is one of the most popular spice plants, in many countries around the world. Lemon has a sour taste ans is a spice for dishes and beverages, which are loved by many people.

Lemon trees are citrus trees in the form of shrubs, branches often have thorns. Plant varieties are usually propagated asexually by cuttings or grafting. The citrus group is not suitable for flooded conditions. Lemons come in many different varieties, each of which creates a distinctive lemon flavor.

The easiest way to grow a lemon tree in a pot

How to grow a lemon tree in a pot is simple, fast, good, and produces fruit. Let’s start planting lemons:

Prepare tools

  • Plant pots
  • Land for planting
  • Lemon seeds

Plant pots: Choose pots with materials such as porcelain or terracotta to help the tree drain well because lemon trees do not like to hold water. The pot size is moderate (larger than 25% of the tree’s root beam), and you can nurse the plant in a tray or a small pot, but when the tree is larger, it must be replaced with a larger pot to let the plant grow well.

Soil: Lemon trees are not picky about soil, but you should choose loose, humus-rich soils with a pH of 5.5 – 7. In addition, you can use more fertilizers to stimulate the growth of the tree.

Seeds: Get seeds from the lemons that you have available, so choose seeds from large, beautiful balls for good tree quality. However, a little tip for you is that growing lemons from seeds will take a long time, instead buying seedlings from the store will help you harvest faster.

How to grow a lemon tree

Step 1: Choose large, round and firm lemon seeds and soak them in water for 2-3 hours.

Step 2: Take out the lemon seeds and pat dry with a towel.

Step 3: Water the prepared soil pot and then spread the lemon seeds over (should be spaced 3-4cm apart so that the seedlings have space to grow).

Step 4: Cover the surface with a thin layer of soil.

How to take care of a lemon tree

So just a few simple steps and you have fresh sprouts after a few days of cultivation. The climate of our country is great for lemon trees to grow well, but you should note the following factors:

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Water: Provide a sufficient amount of water for the plant, too much or too little water can cause the plant to die. You can water when the topsoil is dry.

Light: Lemon trees love sunlight and need 7-8 hours of light a day. Therefore, plants should be placed in a light-rich place such as a balcony, or window sill, … or if you leave them indoors, remember to expose them to the sun for the necessary time.

Humidity: The ideal humidity for lemon trees is 50%, but if you are in places like a dry and windy terrace, you should water regularly to increase humidity.

Pruning: Regular pruning helps the tree grow more luxuriant. In addition, you should pay attention to removing diseased leaves or tops to keep the plant healthy.

The average time for a lemon tree to mature and flower to fruit is about 1.5 – 2 years depending on the lemon variety and your care.

Above are the steps to grow a lemon tree in a pot that is both quick and simple. If you take care of it, for about 2 years, you will have lemons to eat. Lemon trees are both ornamental, using fruits and leaves, it’s great, isn’t it?

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