Back to The Roots Mushroom Kit Review

For every cup of mushroom soup, you get several different nutrients like vitamins, proteins, and antioxidants like selenium, choline, and vitamin C. Mushrooms are very important in the fight against diabetes and are known to help lower hypertension and reduce chances of heart diseases.

Technology has helped improve organic farming techniques and today, you can organically grow mushrooms in your house and save thousands of dollars annually. Today, we review the trending Back to The Roots Mushroom Kit.

Mushroom farming using growing kits are a new concept that is spreading fast in major markets like the US, the UK, and China. With a choice of over 20 kits to choose from, there are the primary factors you must consider.

Is the kit organic?

People are moving away from food grown using chemicals or GMO foods due to health concerns. The food growing trend is currently moving towards organic farming and this is the kind of mushroom kit you should consider buying.

Is the kit easy to manage?

With your current busy lifestyle, you would love a kit that doesn’t take all your time trying to manage it. Your best kit will be one that is already nutrient fed, it has the spawns ready to germinate and you will spend least time managing.

Is the quality of the mushrooms spawn good?

Finally, you must consider the quality of mushrooms you get because poor quality means you will compromise your health and the health of your entire family.

Back to The Roots Mushroom Kit Review

What is Back to The Roots Mushroom Kit?

To help you grow mushrooms in your house, Back to The Roots, America's number one organic gardening company developed a Gourmet Mushroom Kit. It’s easy to manage because you spray your mushrooms daily and begin your harvests in ten days. The kit provides one of the best ways to do organic farming right in your house.

What is included in each Back to The Roots Mushroom Kit?

For each mushroom growing kit you buy, you get premixed organic soil that already contains all the mushroom seeds you need. The kit will have a spray mister that you will be spraying on your grow kit daily.

You will get a booklet with instructions on how to grow your mushrooms organically, how to harvest them, and various delicacies you can prepare using your harvested mushrooms.  Above that, your kids will get access to a learning kit that will help them understand the science of mushrooms.

How does the Back to The Roots Mushroom Grow Kit work?

It’s very easy to manage this kit because all you need to do is open the kit, and place it close to your house window. Ensure there is no direct sunlight because mushrooms are fungus and grow best in less lit areas. Daily, spray the mist provided and within a few days, your gorgeous mushrooms will begin to grow.

How soon will you start harvesting

Within 10days, you will get your first harvest that is enough for three or four servings. You will harvest a maximum of two crops per box before replacing it with another fresh kit. If you follow the instructions carefully, you will never lack mushrooms in your house for all the health benefits.

Is the Back to The Roots Mushroom Kit worth buying?

From our review, we found several benefits associated with this kit.

  • The kit is 100 percent organic
  • It is non-GMO
  • It contains no toxics
  • Grows in 10 days and saves you money

Is there any disadvantage I can get if I buy the Back to The Roots Mushroom Kit?

Back to the roots gives you a 100% guarantee if the kit fails to work. The only way the kit will not work is if you place it in direct sunlight or a place with a lot of light. If you forget to spray the mist twice daily, you will get negative results too.

Final verdict

After testing and reviewing serval kits, we found the Back to The Roots Mushroom Kit worth buying and it scored 4 stars out of more than 15 thousand ratings. This high number of satisfied customers is proving that the kit will give you value for your money. Due to the great mushroom benefits, we recommend you try out this kit today.

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