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12+ Balcony plants that are both beautiful and easy to care for

Looking for beautiful balcony plants? There are many different types of balcony plants, depending on the preferences of each person that has different choices. Using green plants to plant in the balcony, creates a wonderful natural space.

The balcony is an area that is not too large, but it is a place to receive sunlight and air for the house. So, when choosing plants, you need to pay attention to this.


This is a plant known as the king of ornamental plants that are easy to care for, with good sun tolerance. To adapt to the hot environment, cactus leaves change into sharp spines to reduce drainage and retain water for the plant a lot. The tree has a succulent stem, with many small or large spines, different hard and soft depending on the type of tree.

The advantage of cactus is that it grows and develops well in a hot and sunny environment with high temperatures but is still green and succulent.

Succulent plant

Stone lotus is a light-loving, sun-loving plant, with succulent leaves and stems, very easy to grow and easy to live. This is the type of tree that people choose to grow on balconies and terraces. With hot weather conditions, succulents still grow and develop well, the tree always has a fresh and green appearance. This plant is diverse in types, each type has its own beauty, so they will create a new space for your balcony.

Aloe vera tree

Aloe vera is a plant with very strong vitality, easy to grow, easy to live, and easy to care for. The plant has a trunk and long, pointed succulent leaves with lush green color, along the edges of the leaves are tiny thorns. Because of these characteristics, the leaves are less evaporative to help the stem retain water well, from which the plant is extremely heated tolerant. Growing aloe vera on your balcony will not require much care. The tree has a very attractive green color.


The fern is also a plant that grows wild in rocky areas, tropical forests, or humid subtropical areas. Ferns are vines, tendrils, and comb-shaped leaves that are very beautiful, so they are planted in hanging pots in many places around the house.

Tiger tongue tree

The tiger tongue tree is very heat tolerant and is a fortune tree that brings good feng shui, so it is loved by many people. This plant is a light-loving plant and can also live in shade. The leaves of the tree grow from the base, and the inside of the leaves and the stem are full of water, very hard, rising very firmly. Tiger tongue tree has good water retention, so the tree can grow and develop green in hot weather conditions.


Ivy is a balcony plant with a special leaf shape and is always green, symbolizing the intense vitality of youth. Therefore, they have been loved since ancient times and are considered a plant that can dispel negative energy and bring prosperity, peace, and luck to the owner.


Saw palmetto trees are not only suitable for planting on a balcony with good sun tolerance, but they can also live well in the shade as in the living room or office. The green color of the tree helps people to look cool and bring a feeling of comfort, and relaxation, and increases work efficiency. In particular, the saw palmetto tree also has the ability to purify the air of the living environment to help your house be always airy and fresh.


Everlasting plants have extremely good water retention, healthy growth, long life, and good heat tolerance and drought tolerance. It is chosen by many people to plant trees on the balcony. The flowers of the tree of life have many different colors, are long-lasting, and are very beautiful.


If your balcony is in the direction of the sun, the evening primrose is one of the most suitable options because it is both easy to live with and increases the aesthetics of the balcony. In particular, this flower is often planted in clusters in pots with hooks, so you can easily hook it to the balcony frame. This flower is also very diverse in color such as white, pink, purple, and red, …

Flamingo Flower

This plant has a short stem that often grows into a bush, and is perennial, fast-growing, and partially shade tolerant. The plant prefers cool, moist climates with moderate water requirements. In addition, anthurium can also purify the air and flower continuously, adorning your home more beautifully.

These balcony plants are extremely cute, and easy to care for, hopefully, will help your home space have more interesting things. Let’s choose your favorite plants to plant for your balcony full of greenery.

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