10+ Houseplants that help purify the air

You are looking for a houseplant that does not need the sun, it also has a good air filter function. Simply put, there are many types of indoor plants, suitable for many different climate conditions, both good for health, helping to purify the air, and decoration the house. Let’s refer to the top 10+ indoor plants that many people choose today!

10+ Indoor plants that don’t need sun, to help purify the air

Currently, many people have the habit of growing indoor plants to decorate their homes, purify the air, and create a fresher living space. But not all plants are suitable for growing indoors. Depending on the characteristics of each type of tree, let us choose the right one.

1. Tiger tongue tree

The tiger lily is a well-researched plant for the bedroom, helping to purify the air. Tiger tongue tree is used to decorate to create fresh, fresh space in harmony with nature. The tiger tongue tree is an easy plant to grow and has a long life, it can live in low light conditions for a long time, but can also live in direct sunlight and in shade conditions. Because it is drought tolerant, it does not need to be watered as often.

2. Betel nut with sawed leaves

The betel nut tree is suitable for growing indoors and outdoors, especially since its leaves become darker when in the shade. The tree has large, smooth leaves and can be dispersed into a large canopy. Betel leaf is a perennial plant, starting to flower when at the stage of 10-15 years, the betel leaves are small and grow in clusters like areca flowers. You need to keep the plant in indirect sunlight and it will thrive.

Plants don’t need a lot of water, but it’s important that you don’t let the soil get too dry. Philodendron plants often grown as ornamental plants have smaller, greener and thinner leaves than when grown outside, and the growth rate is also slower.

3. Begonias

One of the most popular houseplants is the begonia. The flowers of this plant are very bright and full of life. The tree is also known by the full name of the begonia of immortality, which means full of happiness, wealth, and prosperity, and at the same time brings positive energy every time you look at it.

4. Honeysuckle tree

This is a houseplant chosen by many families with the meaning of bringing luck, fortune and prosperity. Honeysuckle has a very good effect in filtering the air, creating a fresh space, repelling insects and helping the space to come alive.

5. Money tree

The money tree is meant to bring luck, wealth and money. The use of the money tree is to decorate, create green space, and air-condition fresher.

6. Young betel nut (Philodendron bipinnatifidum)

Philodendron bipinnatifidum is commonly known as the young lady betel nut. It is a common and familiar species of philodendron not inferior to the saw-leaf monstera. Also a species of philodendron with beautiful, green leaves all year round, philodendron bipinnatifidum is also in the top of the favorite houseplants today.

9. Calathea Ornata Peacock Tail

Calathea Ornata is an ornamental plant that can be grown indoors. The plant likes light light, high humidity, leaves will always be green. This is a pretty decorative plant for the house.

10. Air tree

As one of the ornamental flowers that have the effect of cleaning the polluted air and improving the living environment. Through the humid air of the environment, air plants synthesize themselves to get water and nutrients to feed themselves. Air plant leaves seem to absorb most of the smog and air pollutants at 60% humidity.

The above are indoor plants that do not need sun, are both easy to grow and help purify the air. Planting indoor plants also help decorate the house fresher. Bring nature into your home for a happy life

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