Advancing Research on Nutrition and Agriculture Workshop

Facilitated by Derek Headey, IFPRI

ICAE pre-conference workshop on “Advancing Research on Nutrition and Agriculture

Organizer: Derek Headey, The International Food Policy Research Institute

Summary: The agricultural sector has long been viewed as a major driver of poverty reduction and food security in developing countries, but is now increasingly asked to contribute to reducing the global burden of undernutrition. The linkages between agriculture and nutrition are complex, however. Agricultural growth contributes to income, but can also alter relative prices of different foods. Agriculture is also a complex livelihood that influences the health and nutrition of farm households through production risks, such as chemical hazards and zoonotic diseases from livestock, and indirectly conditions intrahousehold decision-making. This workshop will present recent research on these complex linkages nutrition. Speakers will present a diverse array of methodologically rigorous papers covering both microeconometric analyses, price analysis and economy wide simulation models.

Provisional list of speakers:
Derek Headey, IFPRI
William Martin, IFPRI
William Masters, Tufts University
James Thurlow, IFPRI
Bart Minten, IFPRI
Anna Larsen, U. Copenhagen
Beliyou Haile, IFPRI

Conference Host: Secretariat: