Submissions FAQ

Q1) Question on participants of organized sessions.

I have read on your website that “… no member of the Association will be allowed to participate in more than two Organized Sessions”.

I was wondering what participation in an organized session means exactly. Is it just about making a presentation in an organized session or does it also include discussants?

For example, if I contribute to 2 organized sessions with two different presentations but I am also invited as a discussant to a third organized session, does it count as 2 or 3 participations?

A: Participate means presenting in some form, so it counts as 2. Our goal is to ensure that there are opportunities for as many members as possible to present their work.

Question on paper submission

In the submission guidelines for contributed papers, you request that "submitting authors will have to commit [...] that the paper has not been published, or submitted for publication."
Does this imply ...

1. You will not accept papers that have been submitted to journals or as book chapters in similar--yet not identical--form?

2. My paper is under 1st round review with a journal. Is it still qualified for submission to the meeting?

3. Submitted conference papers cannot be submitted to journals or as book chapter in modified form (meaning giving up copyright)?I would highly appreciate your clarification on these issues. Thank you very much!

A: The purpose of this rule is to make sure that the papers at the conference are fresh, new work and to avoid potential copyright problems, and we will depend on the judgement and integrity of authors to not compromise IAAE. In practice this means that we prefer authors to submit their paper to the conference before they submit to a Journal, but this is not a hard rule. As a rule of thumb, we accept that papers that have passed a first round of review at a Journal could in normal circumstances still be submitted.

Question on funding

Are there any funding opportunities to  present the paper if it is accepted for presentation for developing country participants?

A: Once all the papers have been accepted, authors will be asked if they wish to apply for a grant that contributes substantially to their cost of travel, registration and hotel. These will be given on a competitive basis, but with a focus on early career scholars from developing countries. If there are sufficient funds for visas, airport transfers and living expenses, these will also be met, but it is unlikely that this will be the case.

Q4) Question on registration fees

Registration Fees of the conference ?

A: The registration fees are still to be finalized, depending upon exchange rates and indications of attendance. We expect them to be approx. $600 USD for Early Bird and $700 USD for standard registration.

To register and present your work you must be a member of the Association and have registered and  paid for conference attendance. .

Decisions on which papers have been accepted for  presentation will be circulated around March 10 2018.

For more information about IAAE membership, please see which has fees information.

Question on Conference scope

I went to the previous Conference in Milan, and I have a doubt regarding the topic of the paper that I was hoping to submit this time. The topic is related to welfare and poverty measurement, is it under the scope of the conference?

A: As in Milan, we encourage submission of papers on any topic of interest to agricultural economists. This includes papers on welfare and poverty measurement.

Question on Food Systems Workshop

1) Is the workshop open to attendees who don't make presentation in the workshop?

A: Yes. 

2) How these max. 50 attendees are decided. On a rolling-basis (online registration is open in March 2018) ?

A: First 50 delegates who register to attend the workshop when the registration opens in March.

Q7) Question on pattern of bibliography and reference translation

A: We prefer that authors use the style of our Journal, Agricultural Economics, but are not prescriptive. We would also prefer the author to translate non-English article titles.

Question on 8500 words limit

A: 8500 words in length, all included implies that a paper must be no more than 8500 words including references and appendix.  

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