In the late morning and afternoon of Tuesday, July 31, conference participants will be taken on an offsite tour that will showcase a particular agricultural, recreational or other attraction in the Vancouver or lower BC mainland area. Participants will be able to choose one tour during the conference registration process. Participants will be transported to the tour site(s), with return transportation in time for the offsite dinner in the evening.


Individual tours are still being finalized, but options are expected to include:

·        Agriculture Industry Tours – BC has a diverse and vibrant agriculture and agri-food sector that provides a range of tour options that highlight various parts of the agricultural value chain. Potential locations include varied farming and food operations, greenhouses, wineries and microbreweries, and grain handling facilities.

·        Resource Management Tours – These will focus on the natural resource sector near to Vancouver, with options including the forestry and fisheries sectors, green power developments, and the recreational resource industry, such as mountain bike manufacturing, multi-stakeholder tourist ventures, and joint ventures with aboriginal groups and themes. 

·        Recreational and Miscellaneous Tours – For those with outdoor recreational and related interests, other tour options will focus on the growing resource and recreational services sector, including ocean kayaking, mountain biking, varied hiking and sightseeing options, and whale watching.

Please continue to check this page for more information as tour plans are finalized.

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