Organized Symposia

Submission of proposals for Organized Sessions


Please read these notes before commencing the submission process

Proposals for Organized Sessions will be considered at the same time as Contributed Papers. Space on the program for these sessions is limited, and the organizers expect to invite no more than 48 of these sessions. All proposals must be submitted by noon GMT on 15 January 2018 through the conference submission website.

Expressions of interest to organize such a session must include the following:

  1. A short title that clearly describes the theme of the session.
  2. Full contact information for the organizer.
  3. Names, contact information, and short bios of the proposed session participants.
  4. A brief description of the proposed session in no more than a 1 000 words, it should include:

a.    A brief statement of motivation for the session
b.    The potential audience
c.    The proposed format of presentation bearing in mind that session that use innovative formats are especially welcome


Proposals may include presentations that explore different, complementary aspects of a particular topic. Proposals that involve discussants with different points of view will be of particular interest, as are proposals that involve serious analysis of new, exciting and important topics. 

The selection committee’s review will result in a proposal being (1) accepted, or (2) rejected. The selection committee will reject proposals for which all the proposed participants fail to confirm their intent to participate. Acceptance of an Organized Session for the conference program is contingent on all participants in the session being registered for conference participation and being members of the IAAE. The result of the selection process will be circulated by 10 March 2018. 

Please note that no member of the Association will be allowed to participate in more than two Organized Sessions.


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Please note that once you have created a profile and logged in, you should click on the “Session proposal submission” tab in order to submit a proposal.

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